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posted by Willwolf on Jun 4

Love it when a hot chick is taking photos while I’m taking hers.

posted by Willwolf on Jan 1

Sometimes when your flight is delayed, it’s best to look around and enjoy the view.

I sure did. Hahaha

posted by Willwolf on Sep 23

Now any ladies out there willing to be my model for a day?

You must have a cute face that can melt a guy’s heart.

A stunning body that can raise the living dead.

A pair of eyes that sends a powerful connection.

Those interested can send your profiles to As for the guys, you can also contribute ya.

Another cuci mata session done.

Note : Now you know why I love photography le

posted by Willwolf on Jul 8

Since the World Cup season, might as well share these pics. I love it. Very nicely done. Just enjoy.

posted by Willwolf on Jul 4

Muahaha. As promised, I’m posting some of my fav perv shots here. Let you guys cucimata sikit la.

Let’s start off with these girls.

Who the heck was the designer for these girls’ costumes? Why kenot see valley wan?

Some guys prefer to take photos with the Race Queens. I prefer to take candid shots. Muahaha

I really wanted to go up to this Race Queen and tell her to adjust her skirt but I don’t know how to translate that to Japanese la. So I let it be lor.

Nice curve. Agree?

Torpedoes armed and ready

Seriously, I’m still wondering whether they’d insert in tissues. Seems out of place le.

Wah, if these were see-thrus …..

Hmm, she must be wondering if there’s anything peeking out. Muahaha

Hmm, “Endless” ah?

Can see? Can see? G-string wor.

Not fair, I tell you. These Race Queen flash her butts to the Japanese photographer while we’re not allowed to take. NOT FAIR!!

See la. One row of RQ for you to take pics.

World cup mari liao

While the guy watches the girls, some guys with me were watching something else.

If only more of our local girls like her to come out and compete with the Race Queens. Hmm, wishful thinking …

For more pics, pergi visit my gallery lor.

posted by Willwolf on Jun 10

Let’s say if you got a chance to go to China for a business trip, your partner, customer, or even supplier might bring you to a karaoke joint. They even provide you a female partner just to ensure you won’t get bored. You promised to yourself (ok to your wife) that you will be a good man and not to stray. Seriously, are you really able to withstand those little foxy temptation?

Not your taste? Ok, maybe a little fat especially the elephant leg. How about this one?

Got show half ball wor. Still too old looking? Ok next one.

Nice looking body mah. Still not your taste?

Sweet looking mah. Perky summore. Or this?


Too sweet? Then this one la.

How about this one? One of my fav.

Still not right for you? Sigh

Then you’re either a woman or a bloody gay.

posted by Willwolf on Jun 9

Now, only in USA will you get these kind of bikini design. Hell, why even bother to wear one? Maybe it serves to cover the essential parts.

What’s the most important part girls will normally cover? Their nipple and pussy. That means it’s ok for them to show their butt. There’s another meaning for showing off their butt. It’s KISS MY ASS!!

To wear this bikini, the girls would have to shave off those pesky pussy hair or else you could imagine how ugly it will look.

Look, obviously this kind of bikini is meant for those super fit women. Those out-of-shape women better not even try or else we guys will lose our appetite.

Oh yeah, if you do not have the super fit body to match with the super mini bikini, then you could always use the moral excuse like “It’s immoral to show so much skin!!”. Yeah yeah, let’s face it. You’re just jealous because you can’t show off your body.

P/S : I myself do not have a super fit body or else I would show off as well. So now I rather keep quiet and enjoy watching only.

posted by egghead on Nov 25

This is also an exclusive sneak preview that we, the LauBeh gang offer to our readers (eyes see only, hands no touch). Since our club is so damn exclusive (by recommendations of all board members and need to pass a series of grueling exams), we’ve decided to give you (our readers) a tour on our best kept secret in our orgynization organization – Our exclusive VVIP Lounge.

A bird’s eye view of our entire VVIP Lounge (where we usually hang out for some cubans and alcohol beverages have our meetings)


Since air travel is our preferred and only mode of transport, it is not surprising that we have our own private runway as well (it was built by the same people who built the KLIA runways).


LauBeh Inc. currently own a 707 jet and a smaller luxury jet. Both of them fully equipped with state-of-the-art Air Force One technologies and armed with at least 2 nuclear ICBM, in addition to a few suites and one casino each.


We usually go around in this smaller but faster and luxurious jet to attend various important local and international functions and events.


This is our hang out and drinking place meeting room which has a clear view of our proud investments.


This cool Cadillac was donated by our filthy rich President and founder of the company, Willwolf to be used to carry guests or VIPs to our lounge occasionally if they who have problems flying (see how considerate we are towards weaker and poorer people!). We usually had them blind-folded to protect the secret location of our VVIP lounge. Otherwise, they might gate-crash and spoil our fun any time.


Ahhh… this is where we relax after some hectic smoking and drinking meeting. We have a 50 meters pool as well as a couple of Jacuzzi and spa. All the employees working at our pool and spa are “thoroughly screened through” and approved unanimously by each and everyone of our board members.


We are happy to tell you that our club is solely for members only. If you wanna apply for a membership, either plunk down a couple of billion bugs (USD) into our designated Swiss account or bribe all of us to get you in (since it require unanimous approval and all…)! You can contact us through our chief PR, also nicknamed Sotong (to protect his real identity) for further information, if you can find him at all as he is usually by the pool and Jacuzzi.

To the rest of the world, just look at us and weep! Especially to those in the Tigress club 😛

p/s: we do rent the place out to our close friend John Trovolta and his beautiful wife, Kelly Preston occasionally when no one’s around to enjoy the facilities 😛

posted by Willwolf on Nov 13

I was bored last Saturday and decided to go jalan-jalan while DF and the kids went to my PIL’s home. I wanted to go to Berjaya Square to see The Borders book store. I parked my car in the basement and took the escalator up, I saw a group of models standing there behind the main stage and wondered why they’re so plain like without make-up. I went to see the main stage and realized it was a make-up competition.

Luckily I brought my mistress along and took lots of photos. The models are seated together in plain view of the audience without their make-up and the artist is to work on their models.

The best part about owning a dSLR is when you’re taking pictures of the model macam pro feel because I went in there taking pictures from model to model.

The make-up artist have to complete their task within a time limit. The artist work on their canvas.

Add few more details …

Time’s up!! Time to show the artist’s handiwork. TADA!!!

From plain Jane to ….

… HOT BABE!! (Sorry about the blur pic. I was forced to take the pictures in manual mode without using flash as battery died on me)

Have to rely on the available lighting and manually set the white balance.

I felt great taking their photos. Surrounded by beautiful girls. Shiok!

The winners.

Oh, one more thing …. they really looked great.

So who else dare to tell me these pictures are a humiliation to female race?

posted by Willwolf on Nov 2

This was taken on Monday night. Took me a long time to upload the photos. Here’s some of my pics. Hope you like it.

Scary or not?

Wah, this one looks like my tigress at home. Muahaha.

Kena bite oso look so happy wan?

No wonder! Got tongue action! I oso want to kiss her!!

Ini hantu mana mari ah?

Sweet young things cannot look garang wan la.

So which one cuter? Left or right?

4 beauties. No?

Another exclusive photos!
:willwolf: signs off!