posted by Willwolf on Feb 13

Long time no update. Might as well do something to keep it running. For those hentai oyajis who like to watch Japanese AV, please learn more about the language to enable you to have a better understanding of the situation.

In another words, STOP WITH THE YAMATE!!! There’s other words to learn besides yamate, ok? For those who is still ignorant, “yamate” means “stop”. Therefore, it’s not wise to use yamete when you’re fucking your Japanese girlfriend because she will think you’re crazy to stop during the making love session.

So next time if you’re fucking your Japanese girlfriend (as if you can), then use the approriate word. Try using “kimochi?” as in asking her. If she replies “kimochi” then you’re doing a good job and do continue to fuck her hard but if she screams back “ittai” then most probrably you’re fucking her ass.

If you’re about to come then use “iku“. Better still, ask her if she’s about to come and use “iku?“. If she screams back “iku” then for goodness sake keep pumping into her and don’t come first. If she replies back with “Huh?” and busy reading shinbun then you got a fucking problem, literally.

kimochi = feel, sensation
iku = come
ittai = pain
shinbun = newspaper

So to all of you sukebe oyaji, remember to practice more. Until next update, ja ne.

10 Comments to “Lesson in Japanese porn”

  1. egghead Says:

    get me a japanese girlfren to practice lah… LOL!

  2. Willwolf Says:

    wah lau, I’m not into pimp business le. LOL

  3. Papi Says:

    yalar! no Jap gerfren how to practise??

  4. Willwolf Says:

    LOL. Ok ok. I’ll supply Jap GF but have to warn you guys it’s very very takai ne (expensive) for only introduction fees (excluding dating, dinner, movie, hotel, condoms, etc)

  5. Wingz Says:

    dont yamate!!!! keep kimochi !!! we very like your iku !!!! we like till we dunwan read shinbun!!! ICHIBAN!!! lol

  6. ah pek Says:

    alikato for your jipun lesson. now i know more than ba-ge-ro.

  7. leecs Says:

    wah ‘detail’ ah….

    kekekekekeke east n west totally different ‘presentation’ and ‘acting’ style..

  8. Kenny Lee Says:


  9. Bryan Says:

    I always wonder why they shout “iku iku” so loud and so many times. Now I know liao. Thanks, sifu !

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